Trimatt SecurePak security printing machinery fully automates product handling, variable data printing, inspecting and logging. Key markets include tax stamps, education, pharmaceutical, anti counterfeit, tickets, brand protection and personal ID. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.

Trimatt securepak

Trimatt Systems provides solutions to the packaging industry for adding anti-counterfeit security features direct to packaging and labels. We have developed innovative ways to do this through close consultation with our customers, with a vision to deliver precisely what is needed to remain competitive in today’s global market.

Our quality solutions will assist your operation with product handling, variable data printing and inspection. In addition, our software creates a manifest detailing production outcomes.

We fit modern camera technology to our production lines to keep check on processes and quality. Realtime reporting gives you peace on mind the job went out right.


Custom designed box and carton hardware for your application. Packaging sizes from A6-A2 with ability to print entire sheet in monochrome or mono colour QR codes, security codes and applying scratch labels and tamper evident labels. We also have solutions for printing CMYK directly onto packaging products such as bags, boxes, handled bags and much more. Tax stamps, secure documents, numbering or barcoding. Application of labels of various types, scratch, hologram etc.. 

Designed to personalize packaging with variable data at a low cost. Text and numbers, barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding, scratch labels and RFID.

High Quality DoD Inkjet—600dpi with UV curable ink for outstanding quality, durability and low cost.

Rejection of product not meeting your quality standards. Reducing waste and keeping you error free.

Real time reporting which gives you full manifest of your production outcomes. Giving you peace of mind.


  • Edge printing
  • Numbering
  • Full print width mono-colour
  • Simplex or duplex UV inkjet
  • Package width up to 500mm
  • Package length up to 740mm
  • In line inspection  – error free
  • UV or aqueous inks
  • Invisible security ink
  • Full reporting for audit trail
  • Unique fonts
  • Many job variations available
  • DoD inkjet with full print width capability
  • Sheet turnover for duplex applications
  • Fast, speeds up to 150 m/min
  • Hologram application
  • Scratch panel application
  • Exact print register capability
  • QR codes and other barcodes
  • Durable UV inkjet
  • No duplicates
  • RFID reading and encoding
  • In line quality checks
  • Simplex or duplex
  • Camera inspection of product for quality
  • Field upgradeable



  • Anticounterfeit
  • Pharmaceutical



  • Personal care and wellbeing
  • Anticounterfeit
  • Tickets and forms
  • Brand protection
  • Personal ID printing


CardLine 7000 is the 2022 APPMA award winning high performance solution for attaching and matching cards, booklets and vouchers to carriers. CR80, PIO, SIM cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and others can all be automated to help improve efficiency and accuracy. Trimatt security printing machine ready for export to India. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.

Trimatt Cardline 7000

CardLine is the high performance solution for attaching and matching cards, booklets and vouchers to carriers. CR80, PIO, SIM Cards, Gift cards, loyalty cards and others can all be automated to help improve efficiency and accuracy.

Trimatt have developed unique digital gluing and folding techniques to deliver fully integrated card packaging. This process gives you the ability to provide necessary product security and an attractive decorative look to the final product, all ready for POS or other means of distribution.

The Trimatt ValidForm inspection system automatically captures all variable data for the card and carrier to ensure production outcomes are 100% validated. 


Trimatt FoldLine 9000 automates the processing printed media into glued and folded paper media suitable for meal sleeves and any other folded and glued packaging with impressive speed. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.

FoldLine 9000

Trimatt FoldLine 9000 was developed for the FMCG sector to automate processing printed media into glued and folded paper media ready for distribution to market for sleeves suited to ready-meal packs. 

The FoldLine 9000 can feed, glue, fold and glue at speeds that will keep you competitive. The system comes standard with two feeders, pattern gluer and folding module.

Camera systems and inkjet printing can be added to give greater capabilities, helping you satisfy even more market opportunities.

All integration is handled by the Trimatt team – inhouse. So for any special needs – leave it to us.


ValidForm is a data capture and matching system that uses the very latest camera reading techniques and custom designed software for data set up and reporting. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.


ValidForm is a PC based, data capture and matching system. Using the very latest camera reading techniques and custom designed software for data set up and reporting. ValidForm can be used in a host of applications including document matching, card to carrier matching, collating verification and also inkjet quality reporting. Barcodes, 1D or 2D barcodes and text are all possible methods for unique product recognition. Trimatt have deployed the ValidForm range into a wide range of machinery. We specialise in customised integration for stitchers, binders, folders, wrappers, inserters and more.

ValidForm helps you ensure you get it right the first time. 


  • Multi-station – up to 8
  • OCR or 1D 2D barcode
  • File match
  • Read look up
  • Station match
  • Real time error logging
  • Machine stop on error
  • Active log
  • Remake file generator


  • Letter inserter – Matching items
  • CardLine – Matching cards and vouchers
  • Binder – Matching sections
  • Folder gluer – Ensuring correct cartons are loaded
  • Polywrapper – Mail sorting
  • Exit scanning – Reads every good product at end of line
  • Web – Reading variable data printed by inkjet


collating & Batching

Trimatt specialise is process automation machinery that use specialised lug conveyors, feeding and inspection software to count, collate, stack or batch products such as mail, FMCG and countless packaging items.

The process of collating and batching significantly reduces labour and increases accuracy by eliminating human error. Trimatt’s validation system, ValidForm, tracks accuracy wth zero defect and our divert systems eliminates any error in process.

If required, our customised machinery will perfectly position product, insert or attach additional product. Paper or poly wrapping may also be added, finally product can be overprinted for product identification and packed by automation further reducing cost and error.

If you do not see what you need, please contact us, our innovative engineering and manufacturing team is adept at custom built solutions.


on pack promotions

Promotional games are vital sales, reader retention and branding tools for publishers and MNCs worldwide. Domino’s inline games management system is an innovative way of printing games directly onto consumer packaging, newspapers and magazines in-line on the press by using non-contact, high-speed continuous and Piezo (DOD) ink jet printers.

The flexibility of Domino equipment, backed by our close working relationships with key industry OEMs, ensures that Domino systems are readily deployed on most production lines. With agreements already established with many of the major manufacturers, Domino can provide a complete solution to meet your specific requirements in this sector.

The K600i is designed for integrating on webs and sheets for variable data applications including barcodes and graphics on game cards, forms, vouchers, security products, direct mail, tickets, cards, paper, plastic and even metal. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.

games management

Brand promotions are one of the most highly effective methods of boosting product sales and brand switching at store level. An ideal way of communicating brand promotions is to utilise the valuable “real estate” of the actual product itself. As compared with traditional POS, communication, on pack is easily merchandised as it arrives in-store with the product. It stays displayed for the duration of the promotion, or at least until product is sold out.  This increases the opportunity to be noticed by the consumer, because the communication is brought home with the product. Trimatt Systems supply and support solutions that can be installed in the manufacturing plant to glue and attach, label or inkjet promotional data directly onto the package. 

Many of our customers use our quality systems for attaching cards, labels, sachets and even inkjet promo detail directly to the packaging. Some of these promotions include:

  • Unique codes (text, QR codes for PURL or Augmentation to website)
  • Instant win codes and messages
  • Games
  • Call to action self-adhesive labels
  • Multi-page pull open coupon labels (Extended Content Labels)
  • Lotto or bingo
  • Removable tokens and collectable items
The Trimatt ColourStar AQ is an industrial digital colour print system for paper, cardboard, cotton and even wood. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.
The Trimatt ColourStar AQ industrial digital colour print system creates vibrant, waterproof prints on a raft of cardboard and paper packaging. Even cotton and wood can be printed on. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.

trimatt Colourstar AQ V - digital colour inkjet

Printing bags, boxes, and a raft of fibre based packaging products in full colour is easy with the Trimatt ColourStar AQ versatile printer. With an automated feeder, amazing HP print quality of 1200 DPI, and a print swath of 297mm, this printing system will save you time and money, and open up new opportunities for your production and marketing. 

Solutions can be supplied for ‘stand alone’ applications, or Trimatt can help you integrate into existing machinery. 

The Trimatt ColourStar AQ is an all-in-one, customisable, industrial digital colour printing solution making in-house package printing fast, economic, and profitable.

With the integrated friction feeder, adjustable receiving tray, 100mm+ height adjustable print head, and conveyor, you can have a complete “on demand” short run CMYK digital printing solution with a printing speed of 27 meters per minute.

Using water proof, light fast, and scratch resistant inks, brilliant photo quality prints are produced with ease.

  • Versatility – Prints on a wide range of porous media types.
  • Permanence – HP pigment ink provides durability in fade, scratch, and water resistance.
  • Quality Prints – The CMYK ink system produces long-lasting brilliant colours.
  • Proven Reliability – HP’s worldwide recognition for product quality, reliability and service.
  • Ease-Of-Use – Simple, quick ink change minimises downtime.
  • Economical Output – The Fi1000 HP print engine has an efficient ink delivery system providing a low cost-per-print  advantage.

Perfect for printing: Packaging boxes, lunch bags, valved coffee bags, burger packs, lunch trays, pizza boxes, envelopes, sachets, paper bags, kebab sleeves, and many other porous, paper, and cardboard items. Even cotton tote bags are produced with incredible results.

The ColourStar AQ LT is an entry level desktop colour digital printer for paper and cardboard packaging and mailing products with the same quality HP print head as the V model.


The Trimatt ColourStar AQ LT is a recent innovative solution designed for printers and packaging companies seeking to enhance profitability by embracing in-house printing with automation. This entry-level desktop adaptation of the renowned ColourStar AQ V, complete with HP Fi1000 print engine, is tailor-made for businesses with a limited product range, enabling fast, cost-effective, and efficient in-house package and mail printing.


Featuring an integrated friction feeder and industrial conveyor, the ColourStar AQ LT offers an on-demand CMYK digital printing solution for short runs. It delivers exceptional performance, fully supported and meeting professional standards. Whether you’re working with paper, cardboard, or even cotton, this versatile printer is ideal for your needs.


With its organic pigment, waterproof, light-fast, and scratch-resistant inks, the ColourStar AQ LT effortlessly produces vivid quality prints. Not only that, but it also boasts a compact footprint, measuring just 1580mm wide by 800mm deep, making it a perfect fit for those with limited space and product range.


At Trimatt Systems, we are committed to providing printing industry solutions that empower our customers to deliver high-quality products while reducing labour, time, and costs.

Choose the ColourStar AQ LT and take your printing capabilities to the next level.


Trimatt Systems are a proud member of The Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) which represents Australia’s leading packaging and processing machinery and allied components companies.

2022 Winner APPMA Australia

Australian Machinery Manufacturers Award SME 2022 Trimatt Systems CardLine 7000. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.

Machinery Manufacturer Award SME