Trimatt SecurePak security printing machinery fully automates product handling, variable data printing, inspecting and logging. Key markets include tax stamps, education, pharmaceutical, anti counterfeit, tickets, brand protection and personal ID. Trimatt specialise in custom process automation machinery and industrial print systems.


Trimatt Systems provides solutions to the Security Printing industry to help you deliver quality product with reduced labour, material and waste. We have developed innovative ways to do this through close consultation with our customers, with a vision to deliver precisely what is needed to remain competitive in todays global market.

Our solutions will help your operation with product handling, variable data printing, inspecting and logging.


Custom designed sheet handling hardware for your application. Sheet sizes from A6-A2 with ability to print entire sheet in monochrome or mono colour. We also have solutions for printing in CMYK.

Tax Stamps, Secure documents, numbering or barcoding. Application of labels of various types, scratch, hologram etc..


We fit modern camera technology to our production lines to keep check on processes and quality.

Realtime reporting gives you peace on mind the job went out right.


Our solutions offer you a clear upgrade path for future upgrades. We design and build our systems with a modular approach, because we understand the market is moving at a rapid pace and future changes will be needed.

Choosing Trimatt is a smart investment decision.


  • Edge Printing
  • Numbering
  • Simplex or Duplex inkjet
  • Sheet width up to 500mm
  • Sheet length up to 740mm
  • In line Inspection – error free
  • UV or Aqueous inks
  • Invisible security ink
  • Full reporting for audit trail
  • QR codes, 1D barcodes, Unique fonts
  • DoD Inkjet with full print width capability
  • Sheet turnover for Duplex applications
  • Fast, speeds up to 150 m/min
  • Hologram Application
  • Scratch panel application
  • Exact print register capability
  • QR codes and other barcodes
  • No Duplicates
  • RFID reading and encoding
  • In line quality checks
  • Field Upgradeable



  • Tax stamps
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Anti Counterfeit
  • Tickets
  • Brand Protection
  • Personal ID